unser Outcrossprogramm / our outcross programm:

Ruskis Noumi of Spice

Sire European Shorthair
Dam Russian Blue
DoB 06. Juni 2017
Color Black solid
Colorpanel  a/a N/N E/E B/B C/C D/d
Reg. Number  
Microchip 250269606930348
PK Def N/N
COI 0 %
Genetic Diversity 42.1 %

Our first outcross babies: DoB 2019-03-29 (one boy and two girls)

Spice Cuba

Sire IW SGC Spice Basil
Dam Ruskis Noumi of Spice 
DoB 29 March 2019
Color BST
Reg. Number BTCC 032919 RIEX 01027
Microchip 756093900063492
Pk Def. N/N
COI 0 %
Genetic Diversity 43,1 %
Last HCM Scan
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